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From her earliest days in The Dominican Republic, Olympia Payano has been a pioneer of cutting-edge style, cut and color, creating the innovative looks sought after by those that want the best. For this, Olympia has become recognized as a leading authority in hair design.
Upon relocating to the Washington, DC area, Olympia quickly made a name for herself as a premier cutter and stylist at Sheltons Hair Gallery. Her unmatched ability when it comes to creating gorgeous and sophisticated looks has earned her a massive list of clients, including celebrities, local newscasters,  government officials in addition to models, beauty and fashion insiders, each of whom depend on her unparalleled talent and meticulous eye.
No matter your hair texture or style, whether it’s classy and sophisticated, flirty and fun, or funky with a modern twist, Olympia Payano will create the look that optimizes your hair pattern and natural beauty.
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